• Palais d'injustice


    ____Don't you think i'm looking___Older___?

    Maybe Baby Maybe.

    _____Hey Babe, Don't make me feel guilty when

    I'm working...

    ____Hey Babe, don't make me feel Sad when

    I'm laughing with angels...

    ___Hey Babe, I'm Alive, that's all. and  when you're alive

    you've got to go and get your food. food to stay in touch with LIFE.

    __Hey Babe....I'm my Mother. I'm my Daughter.

    _______I'm OLDER.

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    Lundi 22 Juin 2009 à 03:49
    Working Girls don't Cry!
    and of course Boys don't cry!... une Folle du désert passe....!
    Lundi 22 Juin 2009 à 20:51
    One Art...
    One Heart!
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